3 News/NZPA: Climate scientists: Rodney Hide is wrong

Niwa has responded to ACT Party leader Rodney Hide’s claim that it had misled New Zealand’s government regarding climate change.

The CRI has stood by the integrity of its scientists and the climate science it carries out, which show that global warming is occurring.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“[Niwa chief climate scientist] Dr Wratt rejected Mr Hide’s allegation to a Federated Farmers meeting at Hamilton that warming periods shown by two key sets of measurements did not coincide.

“”When the 7 and 11 series data are overlaid, the differences are more pronounced than the similarities,” Mr Hide claimed.

“But Dr Wratt released a graph of the two sets of measurements overlaid to show they had very similar trends.

“”The warmer and cooler periods clearly do coincide,” he said. This was despite the fact the graph was based on separate sets of data, only one of which had been adjusted.

“Dr Wratt rejected Mr Hide’s statement that he and a lobby of climate sceptics, the NZ Climate Science Coalition, had not been able to document details of the adjustments to raw data because there was no “schedule of adjustments”.