Bay Chronicle: Troubled waters

Keri Molloy writes in The Bay Chronicle about a new public awareness campaign, focusing on the destruction of fisheries globally and locally, about to be launched by the Bay of Islands Maritime Park.

Management of local fisheries, and sustainable aquaculture practices are topics of increasing interest in the area.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Last month’s Hokianga Accord hui held at Ruawai concluded with several resolutions and a commitment to work together to achieve “more fish in the water”.

“Coastal communities managing their local fisheries and having a wider say in marine protection were popular themes throughout the two-day hui.

“There was general agreement that locals were more attuned than Wellington-based bureaucrats as to what measures were required to protect marine life and prevent on-land activities having an adverse effect on their inshore fisheries.

“Sustainable development of aquaculture was seen as a priority.”