ODT/NZPA: Healthy society gives women eye for less masculine features

New research suggests that a nation’s overall health influences what heterosexual women find attractive, with some of the women tested for the (international) research coming from New Zealand

The study found that the healthier a nation, the more women prefer effeminate faces in men.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Dr DeBruine said she started with the theory that the craggy physical characteristics associated with masculinity in a male face often indicated a strong immune system and a likelihood of his producing healthier offspring than his softer-featured men.

“But the same sort of men were also more likely to be more promiscuous and more likely to leave a woman to raise their children alone.

“Her study found that in environments where disease is rampant and the child-mortality rate is high, women prefer masculine men. In developed nations with better health care effeminate-looking men were more competitive.

“As health care improved, more masculine men fell out of favour, Dr DeBruine said.”