ODT: Tune in to ‘inner scientist’ to filter nonsense

John Gibb writes in the Otago Daily Times about recent talks given in New Zealand by renowed physicist and science communicator Professor Lawrence Krauss.

In his talks, he urged people to use their common sense, and emphasized the importance of science in the world’s public policy issues, including those around climate change.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Prof Krauss said science had a vital part to play in addressing all of the world’s public policy challenges, including climate change.

“In an interview, he urged people to apply their usual “common sense filter” when considering “dangerous nonsense” which was being promoted by climate-change deniers and creationists, who had also “convinced the world that evolution is controversial”.

“”That worries me, not just because I’m a scientist,” he said.

“The main facts of human-induced climate change were not the subject of debate in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and the same applied to evolution.