Dom Post: An atmosphere of concern

An article in the Dominion Post looks at the work being done by NIWA research scientist Vanessa Sherlock.

Dr Sherlock is contributing to a new, global project which aims to take more accurate measurements of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, with the aim of better understanding of the movement of these gases into and out of the atmosphere.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“A lot of Dr Sherlock’s time is spent analysing data but once every three months she heads to NIWA’s atmospheric research station in Lauder, Central Otago, to work on the actual experiments.

“”This is going to potentially provide very useful complementary information to help researchers understand the global carbon cycle better, and to enable us to monitor how effective measures to reduce emissions has been.”

“Despite our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases though, Dr Sherlock says results so far show carbon dioxide continues to increase its concentration in the atmosphere at a continued rate of two parts per million a year.”