ODT: Politicians join fight against 1080

Neal Wallace of the Otago Daily Times writes about the move by the Westland and Taupo district councils as well as Dunedin City Councillor Fliss Butcher, to oppose the aerial use of 1080.

The decision has prompted criticism by the chairman of Tb-free Otago, Stephen Korteweg, that Cr Butcher has ignored the scientific research supporting the use of the toxin.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Cr Butcher said she did not accept Erma’s findings, claiming they were “rigged” because Erma announced its decision at the same time as it released documentation supporting the poison.

“”Many people across New Zealand are still unhappy with the aerial dropping of 1080 poison.”

“Cr Butcher said she respected the views of a friend who has hunted and trapped possums in the bush for 40 years, and recalls the “destruction” following a 1080 drop, and also the findings of two Hamilton film-makers and critics of the use of 1080, Clyde and Steve Graf.

“She also questioned research which said 1080 which fell into waterways was harmless.

“The chairman of Tb-free Otago, Stephen Korteweg, said he was disappointed Cr Butcher had not spoken to him.

“She appeared to have ignored scientific research before criticising the poison and asking the council’s planning and environment committee to consider its use.”