NZ Skeptics Conference – Undercover for Cancer

Loretta Marron BSc Assoc Dip Bus(Accnt) AAII MACS “The Jelly Bean Lady”. Following a successful treatment of breast cancer in 2004, Loretta soon became aware of the wide range of alternative therapies and therapists who blatantly target cancer and other major illness patients.

Her personal investigations into the weird and wondrous world of complementary and alternative medicines resulted in her being awarded the Australian Skeptic of the Year 2007. Over the past five years, while not medically qualified, her achievements include being published in the Medical Journal of Australia and in the Australian Prescriber, a journal linked with the National Prescribing Service. With a platform of ‘Making informed Choices’ she has her own radio segment and regularly writes articles for online and magazines publications including Crikey, Information to Pharmacies (I2P) and the Skeptics. She has also been invited to appear on a variety of current affairs programs.

In early 2009 Loretta Marron went undercover to expose a number of cancer quacks operating in Australia. In her presentation ‘Undercover for Cancer’ Loretta will talk about an eventful 2009.

Loretta’s speech can be listened to below, and the news item about her undercover work exposing a ‘cancer quack’ can be seen here.

Part I


Part II