NZ Skeptics Conference: Letters to the Editor – Responses to Bob Brockie’s Dominion Post science column

Dr Bob Brockie has worked as a scientist at the British Museum, the National Institute of Health, DSIR, DOC, Palermo and Victoria Universities, and Te Papa. He has been the editorial cartoonist for the National Business Review since 1975.

Bob has written over 400 weekly science columns since 2001 and gets a mixed response in Letters to the Editor. A few readers actually congratulate him but he hears much more from freaks, cookies, conspiracy theorists, priests, ecopurists, chemophobes, mystics and so on. Bob will explain how these readers get their knickers in a twist when he writes about new scientific research on the age or death of the universe, the inefficacy of prayer, Noah’s Ark, evolution, Rudolf Steiner starting organic farming, iridology, acupuncture, soy products, the harmlessness of dioxin and 1080, aliens mutilating cows etc.

Bob’s speech can be listened to below:

Part I


Part II