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NZ Skeptics Conference: Letters to the Editor – Responses to Bob Brockie’s Dominion Post science column

Peter Griffin posted in on September 28th, 2009.

Dr Bob Brockie has worked as a scientist at the British Museum, the National Institute of Health, DSIR, DOC, Palermo and Victoria Universities, and Te Papa. He has been the editorial cartoonist for the National Business Review since 1975. Bob has written over 400 weekly science columns since 2001 and gets a mixed response in […]

Bob Brockie: GM paranoia still runs deep

Peter Griffin posted in on November 3rd, 2008.

Dominion Post science columnist and Victoria University honorary research associate Dr Bob Brockie writes on the subject of genetic modification in November 3rd issue of the Dominion Post. The article is not published online, click on the image below to read it.

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