Scientists fill in the gaps on swine flu in the blogosphere

Scientists and science bloggers have been giving their own take on the deadly virus outbreak and in the process giving a level of detail often missing from mainstream media coverage. We look at some of the blog coverage of swine flu…

H5N1 – News and Resources about Avian and Swine Flu

On the unreliability of numbers on suspected cases of new strains of flu using Indonesian avian flu cases as an example: “For bird flu we’ve relied on the officially confirmed WHO tally of cases and deaths, last updated on April 23. If you look at Indonesia’s tally for 2009, you’ll see not a single case. This is not because the country has freed itself from H5N1, but because it doesn’t officially give WHO the time of day.

“Moreover, Indonesian policy is to test for H5N1 locally and then release official news of cases and deaths whenever it pleases-although the International Health Regulations, to which Indonesia is a signatory, require it to report such cases at once.”

AetiologyTara C. Smith, assistant professor of Epidemiology in Iowa

On swine flu deja vu.

Digital Biology – A “microbiologist and molecular biologist turned tenured biotech faculty turned bioinformatics scientist turned entrepreneur”.

On whether the California N1H1 swine flu outbreak came from Ohio.

Effect Measure – The Editors of Effect Measure are senior public health scientists and practitioners.

Science Base – David Bradley Science Writer.

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  1. Hey Peter, “H5N1” is indeed a good site, which has recently turned its attention to the H1N1/swine-flu phenomenon. However, why is the section you’ve excerpted all about H5N1 aka “bird-flu” if the page is intended to direct you to swine-flu info this is confusing.