Professor Ian Spellerberg: science communicator of the year

Last night the New Zealand Association of Scientists held its annual prize giving awards at Turnbull House in Wellington and the prize for Science Communicator of the Year went to Lincoln University’s Professor Ian Spellerberg.

The Science Media Centre was involved in the judging of the award and congratulates Professor Spellerberg on his win and a fantastic career in science and science communication.

Professor Spellerberg’s science communication efforts span decades of research undertaken here and in Britain. His numerous academic publications and books, newspaper columns and articles, public lectures and community and education initiatives cement his place as one of the country’s most respected scientists and science communicators.

Professor Spellerberg’s speech on science communication


In nominating Professor Spellerberg for the Science Communicator Award, his colleagues and supporters noted:

“His ability to produce ideas and suggestions, for the furtherance of knowledge and investigation into the whole spectrum covered by his work, is outstanding and proven by the books and articles he has written on all his subjects,” said conservationist and patron of the Isaac Wildlife Trust, Diana Lady Isaac.

“It was at Ian’s urging that I hosted an environmental forum in 2005 that brought together a number of The Press’s reporting staff to meet and discuss many issues with an outstanding selection of scientist’s, educators and government representatives,” said Andrew Holden, editor of The Press.

“In addition to an extensive list of academic publications, Professor Spellerberg has achieved excellence over many years in promoting ecological and conservation sciences to the general public,” said Dr Chris Kirk, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Lincoln University.