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Increasing dietary fibre could lower diabetes risk – Expert Reaction

Posted in Science Alert: Experts Respond on May 27th, 2015.

New evidence indicates that increasing dietary fibre intake, especially grains, could lower the risk of developing diabetes. The research has shown that consuming more than 26 grams of dietary fibre a day could decrease your risk of developing diabetes by 18 per cent compared with having less than 19 grams a day. Dietary fibre could primarily help people […]

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New viral immunotherapy for skin cancer completes phase 3 trials – Expert Reaction

A new drug that specifically targets cancer cells has shown promising results in phase three clinical trials. A genetically-modified herpes virus injected into tumours of melanoma patients stimulated an immune response to attack cancer cells, according to research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The virus replicated inside the cancer cells and used the body’s own immune system […]

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Tesla Powerwall battery – gamechanger or gimmick? Expert reaction

Electric car company Tesla recently launched a battery to power homes, Powerwall, and the firm has made some bold claims about its potential ahead of going to market, but is the hype justified? According to Tesla, the Powerwall battery will allow solar panel-equipped homes to go ‘off grid’, or consumers to save money by charging […]

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UPDATED: Budget 2015: Kiwi conservation funding – Expert reaction

More than $11 million of new operating funding for Kiwi conservation efforts, spread over four years,  has been announced in the new budget. The funding boost aims to to arrest the ongoing decline in wild kiwi numbers, which are falling by 2 per cent a year. “Kiwi are known around the world as a symbol […]

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UPDATED: Budget 2015: What is in it for science? Expert Reaction

The national Budget announced today reveals a number of announcements on research, science and innovation funding. Some key initiatives announced in the budget include: Up to $25 million over three years to support the establishment of new privately led Regional Research Institutes, An $80 million operating boost over four years to R&D growth grants administered […]

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Evidence of subduction quakes under central NZ – Expert reaction

Scientists have found, for the first time, direct geological evidence of ‘megathrust‘ subduction quakes occurring under central New Zealand. Subduction earthquakes occur where tectonic plates meet, have the potential to be larger in magnitude than fault ruptures closer to the surface, and are more likely to trigger tsunamis. Analysing sediment cores extracted from a coastal […]

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NZ Climate attitudes survey – Expert reaction

New Zealanders are worried about climate change, but uncertainty is widespread, according to survey results released today. A new report, from economic and public policy research group Motu, analyses the results of a commissioned survey examining the climate change attitudes and actions of about 2200 New Zealanders. The full report is available here, and a press release from Motu can be accessed […]

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El Niño and its impacts – Expert reaction

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed the Pacific is in an El Niño climate pattern – what does this mean for New Zealand? The Bureau made the declaration yesterday following close analysis of ocean temperature shifts and wind patterns. The El Niño conditions typically bring warmer ocean waters in the tropics, and weaker wind […]

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Australian Federal Budget 2015 – Expert reaction

Australia’s Federal Government has delivered the latest federal budget, which includes funding top-ups and cuts to various scientific programmes. A summary of the impact on science, compiled by the Australian Academy of Science, can be viewed below – along with expert reaction collected by our colleagues at the Australian Science Media Centre on how the budget […]

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Second earthquake in Nepal – Expert reaction

A second major earthquake has struck Nepal. The 7.3 magnitude quake comes after the widespread destruction caused by the 7.8 quake on the 25 April. Our colleagues at the UK SMC collected the following expert commentary. Prof Sandy Steacy, Head of School of Physical Sciences at The University of Adelaide, said: “Although today’s M = […]

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