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New ancient NZ ‘Dawn Whale’ identified

Posted in In the News on November 20th, 2014.

Local palaeontologists have identified – and named – a previously unknown genus of ancient New Zealand baleen whale and two species within it. The scientists, from the University of Otago, have named the new genus Tohoraata, which translates as ‘Dawn Whale’ in Maori. The two species, Tohoraata waitakiensis and Tohoraata raekohao, lived between 27 and 25 million years ago and […]

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Funding NZ with science – The New Zealand Herald

Following up on the Government’s recent announcement that it is investing $139 million into 48 of New Zealand’s most promising research programmes, Teuila Fuatai at The New Zealand Herald takes a look at four of the projects that have been approved in the 2014 Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment contestable science investment round. An excerpt (read in full here): […]

November 17th, 2014 Read full Story

Italy quake experts cleared of manslaughter

An Italian court has overturned manslaughter convictions against six scientists for failing to give adequate warning of an 2009 earthquake that killed more than 300 people in L’Aquila, Italy.  The 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck L’Aquila, in Italy’s central Abruzzo region, on 6 April 2009, destroying tens of thousands of buildings and killing or injuring more than 1,500 […]

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Second study confirms moa’s rapid extinction caused by early settlers

Even small human populations can wipe out big animal species, according to New Zealand research that suggests the moa extinction happened rapidly and at the hands of a small number of early settlers. The study – led by Canterbury University’s Professor Richard Holdaway and Otago University’s Chris Jacomb – found that there were fewer than 1500 Polynesian settlers in New […]

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101 research projects awarded Marsden Fund grants

New Zealand’s top researchers will receive $56 million in Marsden Fund grants over the next three years. Over a hundred research programmes have been approved in this year’s funding round for the Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund which has been supporting research in science, engineering, maths, social sciences and the humanities for 20 years. Projects include […]

November 5th, 2014 Read full Story

Easter Island history and retarded audio technology – RadioLIVE

Graeme Hill’s Weekend Variety Wireless on RadioLIVE is no stranger to science, often featuring extended interviews with fascinating researchers. Here are just a couple of examples. Easter Island history: Graeme Hill talks to Dr Lisa Matisoo-Smith, Professor of Biological Anthropology at the University Of Otago and Principal Investigator at the Allan Wilson Centre, about the […]

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TedX takes on new science focus – The Press

About a third of the speakers at the TEDx conference in Christchurch next week will be scientists talking about their work. Will Harvie at The Press explores what science communication is, and why experts in science, technology, engineering and maths should do it. An excerpt (read in full here): “Life as we know it could end in 10 […]

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Hi-tech sector grows exports to $6.1 billion

The latest snapshot of New Zealand’s hi-tech sector shows the category remains the country’s third largest export earner behind dairy and tourism. The latest TIN100 report marks a decade of research reports that benchmark the progress of New Zealand’s top 100 hi-tech companies and smaller companies (the 100+ group). Over that decade, annual revenue from […]

October 24th, 2014 Read full Story

When did the last moa die?

It is hard to know exactly when the last of New Zealand’s iconic giant birds kicked the proverbial bucket, but new research has come up with the most accurate guess to date.  Moa likely became extinct sometime between 1440-1445 AD, according to a new study from University of Auckland and Landcare Research scientists. The narrow […]

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Bird feeding in New Zealand

A study of the bird-feeding habits of New Zealanders in six cities estimates that 5.1 million loaves of bread are fed to wild birds annually, raising concerns over unintended impacts on native wildlife and disease spread. The findings come from a University of Auckland study just published in the journal Biological Conservation. According to the study, the […]

October 23rd, 2014 Read full Story

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