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Neo-nic pesticides need more examination – Morning Report

Posted in In the News on October 6th, 2015.

Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report examines the issue of neonicotinoid pesticides and their impact on New Zealand’s beehives. Lois Williams spoke to Harvard Professor Alex Lu, whose research has shown previously that New Zealand pollens contain more neonicotinoids than samples obtained in the US. You can listen the report below.

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National science strategy – In the News

The National Statement of Science Investment, launched yesterday, has been widely covered by New Zealand media. The document lays out the Government’s science strategy for the next ten years, including plans to raise business investment in R&D, introduce annual reporting on the science sector and simplify the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s contestable funding […]

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Microbes influence wine flavours – NZ research

Why do wines taste different? A new New Zealand study shows that a wine’s terroir – the unique combination of tastes and aromas – is in part dependent on the microbes hanging about the winery. Researchers from the University of Auckland and Plant & Food Research confirmed for the first time that – as long […]

September 28th, 2015 Read full Story

AgResearch restructure – In the News

AgResearch has been the focus of intense media reporting this week in anticipation of an announcement that the Crown Research Institute will be cutting research staff. The government-owned research organisation yesterday confirmed plans to lay off 83  staff due to decreasing investment in some research areas, but will be hiring 27 for new roles – […]

September 25th, 2015 Read full Story

El Niño and La Niña to bring coastal flooding, erosion

A warmer world can expect more severe El Niño and La Niña events, bringing stronger storms, coastal flooding and erosion to the Pacific, according to a multi-agency study published this week in Nature Geoscience. While sea-level rise is often touted as one of the major looming threats from climate change, little attention has been paid […]

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Testing reveals asbestos in crayons

Some crayons sold in New Zealand have been found to contain traces of asbestos following random testing by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health has confirmed the presence of asbestos in three of 21 crayon products randomly sampled from the market, but noted the risk to the consumer is considered to be low. […]

September 18th, 2015 Read full Story

Tsunami warning in wake of Chile quake

A magnitude-8.3 earthquake striking off the coast of Chile has lead to tsunami warnings around the Pacific, including New Zealand. The quake occurred near Valparaiso, Chile just before 11AM NZT today. The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management has issued a tsunami warning for East Cape, Chatham Islands, Coromandel, and Banks Peninsula. An alert […]

September 17th, 2015 Read full Story

New melanoma drug in the headlines

A promising melanoma drug has doctors and patient groups calling for the medicine to be funded by PHARMAC in New Zealand. There has been a flurry of media coverage following a feature story about pembrolizumab on the current affairs show 3D. The drug, marketed as Keytruda, helps the patient’s immune system to fight certain types […]

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MBIE funding for NZ science – In the News

The Government has announced the recipients of the 2015 Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment funding round, injecting $96.5 million into innovative and exciting research projects over the next four years. Of a total 157 initial proposals, 48 research programmes were selected to be funded in the biological industries, energy and minerals, environment, hazards and […]

September 7th, 2015 Read full Story

Three trillion trees on earth – study

There are more than 3 trillion trees on Earth today, but since the start of human civilization the total number of trees has on earth has almost halved, according to new research by an international team of scientists including New Zealanders. The study, published today in Nature, churned through more than 400,000 measured tree density […]

September 3rd, 2015 Read full Story

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