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New smokefree laws to be scrapped – In the News

The new Government’s intention to repeal world-first smokefree laws has captured headlines this week both in Aotearoa and around the world.

New Zealand’s new Government announced late last week that it would scrap “smokefree generation” laws.

Finance Minister Nicola Willis has said the move is in order to fund tax cuts. The National Party has said it remains committed to reducing smoking rates.

The legislation came into effect this January under the previous Labour Government. It would have served as what some experts called a ‘tobacco endgame‘: stopping people born after 2009 and younger from ever being able to legally purchase tobacco.

The laws would have also lowered the amount of nicotine in cigarettes and tobacco to non-addictive levels, and there would have been a hard cap on the number of shops across the country that could sell cigarettes to people in the first place.

Public health experts in Aotearoa and abroad have widely eviscerated the repeal, saying the move runs contrary to the evidence of what’s required to end the smoking epidemic.

Experts have also highlighted the disproportionate effect the move will have on Māori communities.

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