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Audio: Science advice in the context of opposing views

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A panel discussion at the inaugural Science Advice to Governments conference in Auckland, 28-29 August, 2014.

Science advice in the context of opposing political / ideological positions


Chair: Ian Boyd (Defra, UK)

Hubert Deluyker (EFSA, EC)

Roger Pielke (US)

Gordon McBean (Canada)

Chris Tyler (UK)

Ian Chubb (Australia)

Session description:

One of the most difficult situations for science advisors to government is when evidence contradicts entrenched political (ideological) positions, whether these are within national, regional or local governments. Well established examples are seen in debates around controlled substances and public health. For instance, public health interventions that adopt an evidence-based harm reduction approach are sometimes objectionable to governments and the general public. What models of science advice giving (ex: individual experts; commissioned reports; representative committees) have worked best in participating countries?

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View slides from a related session on Day 2 of the conference

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