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Brexit: what does it mean for science? Expert reaction

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Brexit is a reality – Britain has voted to leave the European Union. With the shock waves beginning to be felt, our colleagues at the Australian and UK Science Media Centres collected the following expert commentary from scientists regarding the implications of the Brexit vote.

From the AusSMC:

Professor Les Field AM FAA is Secretary for Science Policy at the Australian Academy of Science

“Brexit is likely to cause significant disruption to international collaborative research programs involving the UK, and to the extent that Australian researchers engage in those programs, there will likely be some impacts here.

“However, there are strong natural links between Australia and the UK, and it is possible that the decision may provide opportunities for Australian researchers. The UK will now potentially be more open to the rest of the world – having the UK as part of the EU has often meant that there was preferential access to positions, resources, collaborations etc for those that were part of the EU and lifting that restriction may provide new opportunities for Australia.”

From the UK SMC:

Dame Ann Dowling OM DBE FREng FRS, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, says:

“The UK has a globally excellent and highly productive research and innovation base, to which EU support, both financial and non-financial, has contributed. Engineering contributes at least 20% of the UK’s gross value added and accounts for half our exports. It is vital that the economy is carefully managed in the wake of the Brexit vote in order to maintain our world-leading position in innovation and industrial development.”
“The Royal Academy of Engineering is a national Academy with a global outlook, and we will continue to work with partners both within and outside of the European Union to make the UK a leading nation for engineering innovation, and to help address the global challenges of our time.”

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