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Bee disease and novel virus in invading ants – Expert reaction

John Kerr posted in on September 9th, 2015.

Invasive Argentine ants carry a virus linked to colony collapse in bees as well another insect virus new to science, according to a first-of-its-kind New Zealand study. The new research, published today in Biology Letters, hunted for evidence of insect viruses in Argentine ant populations from New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. One of the key […]

UPDATED: Increasing concern over Ebola outbreak in West Africa

John Kerr posted in on July 31st, 2014.

Is New Zealand prepared for Ebola? The growing number of Ebola virus disease cases in West Africa has made the current outbreak the largest ever recorded, and the risk of infection spreading by air travel has never been higher. The latest update from World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that as of 27 July 2014, the […]

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