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Astrophysicists awarded Nobel Prize

John Kerr posted in on October 5th, 2011.

The Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to a group of astronomers whose research revealed that the universe is expanding at an increasing rate. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2011 was awarded “for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae” with one half to Saul Perlmutter and […]

ODT: Dead star secrets coming into focus

Peter Griffin posted in on May 31st, 2010.

John Gibb writes in the Otago Daily Times about astronomer (and former kiwi) Dr Stuart Ryder, who is part of an international team of scientists figuring out we aren’t seeing nearly as many supernovae as we should be. Supernovae (exploding stars) have been less plentiful, at least observably, in some galaxies than scientists had expected: […]

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