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NZ’s first soil science professor dies

Peter Griffin posted in on November 17th, 2010.

Emeritus Professor Thomas William Walker, more familiar to many New Zealanders as ‘The Prof’, has died age 94. Walker came to Lincoln University from Britain in the 50s, to take up NZ’s first soil science professorship.  He also became well-known known as ‘The Prof’ in Maggie’s Garden Show, where he filmed most of his material […]

Soil carbon: Key to cutting emissions?

Dacia Herbulock posted in on June 21st, 2010.

ONLINE MEDIA BRIEFING: Thurs 24 June, 10:30 am (NZT) Did you know that there’s more carbon in the dirt beneath our feet than in the air above our heads? Soils hold at least twice as much carbon as the atmosphere, and they also store more carbon than the world’s forests and other vegetation combined. Although […]

Newsletter digest: biowaste, COP15 and SCANZ

Peter Griffin posted in on October 9th, 2009.

Biowaste: Save our soils? It is easy to forget that New Zealand’s wealth is underpinned by the top 15 centimetres of soil coating our productive land. Our agriculture relies on fertile soil, but each year 200 – 300 million tonnes of topsoil is washed out to sea – a rate up to ten times faster […]

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