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Obesity-linked gene discovered in Samoa – Expert reaction

Sarah-Jane O'Connor posted in on July 26th, 2016.

Researchers studying obesity in Samoa have found a unique genetic variant that boosts fat storage and increases obesity risk in the islands’ population. The US-based researchers published their results in Nature Genetics today. They pinpointed a single genetic variant on chromosome 5 that, according to their estimates, is associated with about 35 per cent higher […]

Waikato Times: To chew or not to chew, what suits you?

Peter Griffin posted in on April 15th, 2010.

Rebeccah Todd writes in the Waikato Times about research being undertaken by Lincoln’s Plant & Food Research scientists into how the composition of food, as well as how we eat it, affects the extent to which it satisfies us. They have discovered, for example, that chewing less and taking bigger bites is probably better for […]

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