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Glowing bacteria ‘illegally’ produced in New Zealand – The Dominion Post

Laura Goodall posted in on April 8th, 2015.

Glowing green bacteria has been produced illegally in New Zealand using mail-order kits from America, Tom Hunt reports in The Dominion Post. The kits, ordered by educational institutes, contain harmless E. coli bacteria and plasmids with a gene for glowing under UV light. While these separately don’t pose a legal problem, educators that combine them to produce glowing bacteria are […]

‘Legal high’ DIME not so legal

John Kerr posted in on March 13th, 2012.

The active ingredient in a supposedly legal party drug sold in New Zealand has been revealed to be a Class C controlled substance. An analysis undertaken by the Crown Research Institute ESR, commissioned by TVNZ, indicated that the “party drug” product DIME contains the new drug 25C-NBOMe (also known as Pandora or Cimbi 82), which […]

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Experts on recommendation to legalise euthanasia in Canada

John Kerr posted in on November 23rd, 2011.

Last week, the Royal Society of Canada released the final report of their expert panel on end-of-life decision making. The report lists several recommendations, among them that assisted suicide and euthanasia be legalized. The report is available here. Our colleagues at the Science Media Centre Canada collected the following comments: Wayne Sumner, Emeritus Professor of […]

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