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Newsletter Digest: Synthetic cells, troubled teens and Interphone

Peter Griffin posted in on May 21st, 2010.

Synthetic biology breakthrough Geneticist Dr Craig Venter was integral to the sequencing of the human genome. Now he claims to have made a breakthrough in his long-running bid to create synthetically generated cells – essentially, artificial life. The aim, he says, is to develop organisms designed with chemical, industrial even medical purposes in mind, an […]

Mobile phones and cancer risk – Interphone study

Dacia Herbulock posted in on May 18th, 2010.

Increasing mobile phone use has led to public concern about possible cancer risks.  The long-anticipated Interphone study is the largest, most comprehensive study on the risks to date, published today in the International Journal of Epidemiology. The 10-year study is an interview-based, case-control study of mobile phone use in adults and focuses on the two […]

Media coverage: Mobile phones and cancer risk

Dacia Herbulock posted in on May 18th, 2010.

The release of a 10-year WHO study into mobile phone use and brain cancer risk — Interphone — has led to massive international media coverage of the issue, with often contradictory headlines. Local media coverage: Radio NZ – Checkpoint: Brain tumour risk may increase among heavy cellphone users DomPost: Phone study fails to rule out […]

NZ Herald: On hold – cellphone tumour rumour

Peter Griffin posted in on November 23rd, 2009.

A feature by Herald writer Chris Barton on the soon to be released Interphone study looking at a possible link between cell phone use and brain cancer. An excerpt: (read in full here) “The report that many are hoping will clarify the picture is the final results paper of the Interphone study – a 20 […]

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