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Exploring the side effects of geoengineering – experts respond

Dacia Herbulock posted in on February 26th, 2014.

Technological fixes to combat harmful effects of climate change — even if employed on a massive scale — will be ineffective in the face of ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions, new research suggests. A study from German researchers published this week in Nature Communications found no more than an 8% reduction in warming could result from […]

Is geo-engineering an inevitability?

John Kerr posted in on June 20th, 2011.

As the effects of climate change become more apparent and severe, what steps will we be forced to take to slow global warming? Syndicated columnist Gwynne Dyer looks to the future in an opinion piece published in the Gisborne Herald. An excerpt (read in full here): Moving into risky territory “We are getting into very […]

Scientists debate carbon sequestration and geoengineering options

Dacia Herbulock posted in on December 2nd, 2009.

This week’s issue of Nature Geoscience (cover —  “Locking carbon in minerals”), timed to coincide with Copenhagen climate talk preparations, carries a focus on carbon sequestration. Contributors include Phil Boyd of NIWA and University of Otago, who weighs in on the geopolitics of geoengineering. Other articles and commentaries look at mandatory sequestration linked to fossil […]

CO2 reduction favoured over untried geoengineering

Peter Griffin posted in on September 2nd, 2009.

A year-long Royal Society of London study looking at geoengineering techniques designed to combat climate change suggests such schemes could be a viable “plan B” if nations fail to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more conventional means. UPDATE: The AusSMC wraps up comment from Australian scientists on the geoengineering report. “It is an unpalatable truth […]

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