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Endosulfan approvals revoked

Peter Griffin posted in on December 16th, 2008.

The Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) has revoked approvals for the insecticide endosulfan, and has prohibited its importation, manufacture and use in New Zealand.  Endosulfan is acutely toxic to humans at high levels and very toxic to aquatic organisms. It has the potential to cause adverse effects to workers involved in manufacture, transport and use of […]

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International research on endosulfan

Peter Griffin posted in on October 3rd, 2008.

India A 2002 British Medical Journal article outlining a order by a court in south India to ban use of endosulfan “after growing concern at the risk of farmers and villagers being poisoned”. US A 2004 BMJ clinical review examining evidence of a link between environmental chemicals and adverse effects on human reproductive health. “…exposure […]

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