Endosulfan approvals revoked

The Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) has revoked approvals for the insecticide endosulfan, and has prohibited its importation, manufacture and use in New Zealand. 

Endosulfan is acutely toxic to humans at high levels and very toxic to aquatic organisms. It has the potential to cause adverse effects to workers involved in manufacture, transport and use of the substance, to the public, and to the environment. It is persistent in the environment and has the potential to bio-accumulate, with contamination of remote regions through long-range movement of endosulfan likely, based on overseas modelling.

Endosulfan is used on crops including vegetables, berries and citrus fruit. It is also used for worm control at parks and sports grounds. 

The Authority’s decision will come into effect on 16 January 2009.  

Further information

Further information can be found on the ERMA website.

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