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Olympic exile fair response to state-led cheating – Prof Mark Orams

Sarah-Jane O'Connor posted in on August 4th, 2016.

Keeping tabs on competitive advantage in sport is crucial to making sure competition is fair, writes AUT’s Professor Mark Orams in the New Zealand Herald. An excerpt (read in full): These issues evoke anger at the injustice involved, but is this response justified? In its essence, sport is a contrived human activity involving the invention of […]

Media Coverage: Ant-dropping wasps causing a buzz

John Kerr posted in on March 31st, 2011.

Previously unheard-of wasp behaviour documented by Victoria University scientists has gained major media coverage both in New Zealand and overseas. Dr Julien Grangier and Assoc. Professor Philip Lester, from the Victoria University School of Biological Sciences, noted some unusual behaviour displayed by invasive wasps (Vespula vulgaris) competing for food with native New Zealand ants (Prolasius […]

TVNZ/Newstalk ZB: Wake up call for agriculture sector

Peter Griffin posted in on April 19th, 2010.

KPMG is warning that New Zealand’s agriculture industry could be outcompeted  within the next five years, as other large producers gear up their intensive farming capabilities. It is recommending heavy investment in science, technology and infrastructure if New Zealand is to stay competitive. An excerpt: (read in full here) “KPMG believes the sector has only […]

Business Day: Big-scale rivals put heat on NZ farmers

Peter Griffin posted in on April 19th, 2010.

Jon Morgan writes in Business Day that New Zealand’s agriculture industry has only a few years before large-scale intensive farming elsewhere in the world is able to outcompete our offering. Heavy investment is science, technology and infrastructure will be necessary to avoid this happening, as will improved water resource management. An excerpt: (read in full […]

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