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NZ’s “disinformation dozen” fuel fake news at Parliament protest – In The News

The protest at Parliament was unlike anything seen before, say NZ disinformation researchers in a fresh report.

Seeking to understand how the February 2022 occupation came about, the Disinformation Project team closely tracked mis- and disinformation activity on social media before and during the event, discovering that its spread, speed and size has steadily grown since November.

The level of interaction with misinformation online spiked on February 10, and again on March 2, the protest’s final day.

“More people were watching disinformation accounts than were watching mainstream media,” lead author and Disinformation Project director Kate Hannah told Today FM.

“That is really quite remarkable given the amount of national interest there was.”

A minority of perpetrators played a large part: on the protest’s final day, 73 per cent of interactions in the mis/disinformation networks was generated by just a dozen misinformation figureheads.

“Twelve clusters or groups of individuals had become the superspreaders,” Hannah told Newshub.

Report co-author Sanjana Hattotuwa told RNZ that he is seeing similar misinformation movements to those that helped spark the Capitol riots in the US in January 2021.

“That gives you a hint about how what starts online has consequences offline, and eviscerates our democratic fabric and electoral integrity, as well as our social cohesion.”

The authors say conspiracy thinking hasn’t ended with the protest’s end – but NZ must end its complacency by acting to address this problem.

“We need a broad social conversation. Just simplistic turning off the tap insofar as deplatforming… needs to now evolve into broad social community-oriented conversations. What we can discuss in our whānau and community, what civil society can do, what government can do – and another important aspect is what the social media companies can do.”

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