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Ten years since the Rena disaster – In the News

It’s been a decade since New Zealand’s worst maritime environmental disaster, where the Rena container ship ploughed into Ōtāiti / Astrolabe reef.

Around a thousand tons of oily waste was collected from local shores after the ship ran aground. Waikato University’s chair of coastal sciences, Professor Chris Battershill recalled how Pāpāmoa beach was “blackened” when he arrived at the scene.

“It was unusually calm. We all went to the beach and could just see the ship on the horizon. It looked as if the ship had momentarily stopped.”

Little blue penguins were also totally covered in oil slick, recalls Julia Graham, who founded the Western Bay of Plenty Wildlife Trust.

“And the smell. That is something that will always stick with me – collecting these birds as it comes out of the water and the most potent smell of oil. They just didn’t stand a chance.”

To this day, there are many reminders of the disaster, said Māori historian and Tauranga iwi leader Buddy Mikaere.

“On a calm day you can see the oil slick that sits above the wreck. You still have little bits of congealed oil washing up on the beaches,” he said. “Last week we had a whole lot of those plastic beads that seemed to be a major component of the cargo washing up still. We know that those little beads are still getting into the food chain.”

But Waikato University marine ecologist Dr Phil Ross said the reef itself is recovering.

“First few years, I couldn’t imagine this place ever recovering to becoming a normal reef. It was a scrapyard.”

“Now it’s hard to tell the difference between a rocky reef covered in kelp forest and a piece of shipwreck covered in kelp forest,” said Dr Ross.

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