IPCC report on the physical science of climate change – Expert Briefing

The first section of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s latest report is due out on 9 August.

The report will focus on establishing what scientists know about the physical science behind climate change. New Zealand scientists were involved in co-authoring chapters around water cycle changes, oceans and icesheets, the energy budget, and human influence on climate.

The Science Media Centre hosted an in-person and online background briefing for journalists with leading New Zealand co-authors of the forthcoming IPCC WGI report. Although the speakers couldn’t comment on the specific content of the upcoming reports, they were able to discuss the process and some of the research that on which their assessments were based.


  • Professor James Renwick (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Professor Nicholas Golledge (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Professor Dave Frame (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Dr Olaf Morgenstern (NIWA)

Also there to present was:

  • Andy Reisinger, Vice-chair for Working Group III of the IPCC


The full briefing is available below: