HRC grants to explore health frontiers – In the News

HRCCould fish eyes help solve a donor cornea shortage? Can we objectively tell how much sugar some one has been eating? Do e-cigarettes really help you quit smoking?

The New Zealand Health Research (HRC) council is helping Kiwi researchers find answers to these questions through their latest HRC Emerging Researcher First Grants and HRC Feasibility Study Grants.

Examples of the fascinating research funded in the 2016 round include:

Dr Lisa Te Morenga from the University of Otago has received $150,000 to examine the possibility of using carbon stable isotope ratios (δ13C) as an objective measure of sugar intake.

Professor Janet Hoek, also from University of Otago, received $150,000 to develop a ‘smart e-cigarette’ which will record patterns of e-cigarette use and help to ultimately determine if the devices are a useful aid for quitting smoking.

Dr Laura Domigan from the University of Auckland received $70,000 to investigate building human corneal replacements from proteins derived from fish eye lenses – a throwaway by-product of the fishing industry.

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