Opportunities to act now on climate change – report

There are numerous ways New Zealand can tackle climate change, says a new report, but we must act now.

RSNZ reportThe Royal Society of New Zealand’s climate mitigation report, launched this morning, outlines how New Zealand can shift to a low-carbon economy, reducing greenhouse gas emission across a range of sectors, including:

  • heat supply
  • electricity supply
  • transport
  • buildings
  • industry
  • agriculture
  • forest and other land-use.

The report also considers the interactions between technology, policy and behaviour and the factors that either limit or provide opportunities for change, and gaps in our knowledge.

“Many mitigation options are already well-understood and achievable,”  says Professor Sims, chair of the panel of New Zealand experts authoring the report.

“They often also have flow-on benefits. Business-as-usual approaches will not get us where we need to be, ambitious action is needed now by all New Zealanders.”

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