First week of climate talks – In the News:

Pressure is growing for negotiators to settle on a manageable draft agreement at UN climate talks in Paris.

Climate badge2An official statement from the UN COP21 conference explains that the number of working groups has been decreased to accelerate negotiations and “a new text is expected on Thursday evening or Friday morning [local time].

“By Saturday lunchtime, negotiators have to present a draft agreement that is as legible as possible, with a maximum of settled options, before Ministers take over on Monday.”

RNZ’s Chris Bramwell reports from Pairs on the talks, saying that there is frustration over slow progress in negotiating the agreement text. The latest update has also been covered by the New Zealand Herald (via AP).

Other COP21 news:

RNZ News asked a group of nine-year-olds from Hampton Hill School in Tawa what they think is happening and what the solutions to climate change might be.

A new UN report warns residents of low lying Pacific Islands may are likely to emigrate to other nations if droughts, floods or rises in sea level worsen, according to RNZ.

An editorial in the Press states that NZ can make a meaningful contribution to Paris climate change talks, and another in the New Zealand Herald warns that tax breaks for oil companies are not a good look.

Continuing the ‘Climate of Hope’ Q&A series for the New Zealand Herald, Jamie Morton interviews Generation Zero’s Paul Young.