1080 research symposium – In the News

The latest research in 1080 predator control is to be discussed at a symposium in Christchurch this week.

The symposium, titled ‘What’s new since the PCE report on 1080?’ is part of the New Zealand Ecological Society conference and brings together researchers from around the country to share their findings (the report referred to in the title is the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s landmark 2011 report on 1080).

The Science Media Centre held a media briefing with several of the symposium speakers, which you can view here.

The issue of 1080 has been subsequently covered in the news, with examples such as:

3 News: 95pct of rats killed by 1080 drops
New Zealand Herald: Rats hit hard by 1080
Yahoo NZ News: Rats hit for six by 1080 drops: DOC
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