Nobel laureate’s comments creates sexism storm

Nobel prize winner and UK Royal Society Fellow Tim Hunt has caused controversy by saying laboratories should be segregated along gender lines.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Masur
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Masur

Although Tim Hunt has apologised for his remarks at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea this week, he stood by his assertion that mixed-gender labs were disruptive.

Consequently, the Royal Society of London has released a statement distancing itself from Hunt and he has now resigned from his post as honorary professor at the University College of London.

Dr Siouxsie Wiles at the University of Auckland comments in her blog post on the issues relating to Hunt’s remarks.

“Sir Hunt has made the classic mistake of thinking he has apologised when he hasn’t.” she says.

She adds that the Royal Society also needs to act beyond just distancing itself: “Give all your Fellows and Council training to recognise ALL their unconscious biases and to see that they are unjustified.”

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