E-cigarette research stimulates debate

New research on the nicotine and chemical content of electronic cigarette ‘smoke’ has heated up debate on regulations.

e-cigSymbolElectronic cigarettes sold in New Zealand are stronger than they used to be, but contain far less harmful toxicants than regular cigarettes, according to a new analysis of leading brands published in the New Zealand Medical Journal. The author of the study, Dr Murray Laugesen, also found discrepancies between labelled and actual nicotine content, prompting a call for better regulation of these products.

While Dr Laugesen says that the results show e-cigarettes can be a safe tool for quitting smoking, other experts have suggested that e-cigarettes may actually stop smokers from quitting nicotine outright.

Read more about the study and expert commentary collected by the Science Media Centre. [ADD LINK]

The research has be covered by national media. Examples include:

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