SMC BRIEFING: Kauri dieback – what happens now?

Kauri, one of New Zealand’s most iconic tree species, are dying.

It is becoming apparent that Kauri Dieback disease is here to stay. But how widespread is the pathogen behind Dieback? Can we hold off the disease using fungicides? Or could we breed a new generation of Kauri trees resistant to the disease?

Ahead of the Kauri Dieback Symposium 2015 to be held in Hokianga this week, the SMC held an online media briefing with experts to outline the latest research on Kauri Dieback and future plans for managing the disease – including the use of fungicides to treat infections and efforts to identify and propagate genetically resistant Kauri strains.

Listen to the briefing and see the full presentation here.


  • Ian Mitchell , Relationship Manager , Kauri Dieback Programme
  • Dr Phillip Wilcox, Senior Scientist, Scion
  • Dr Ian Horner, Team Leader – Pathogen Biology & Ecology, Plant & Food Research