NZ birds and 1080 – 3rd Degree

The media attention is back on the Department of Conservation’s (DOC) biggest ever aerial 1080 drop in an effort to battle rats and stoats, a major threat to New Zealand’s native bird species.

ScreenshotIn the latest episode of TV3’s current affairs show 3rd Degree, Samantha Hayes speaks to the DOC’s Graeme Elliot and Landcare Research’s Dr Janine Duckworth to find out more about the 1080 operation, whether it’s really necessary, and what the alternatives might be.

Earlier this year, the Science Media Centre held a briefing with scientists from DOC, Landcare Research and University of Canterbury, where they explained some of the science behind the increased seed numbers, booming predator population and the control methods need to keep them in check.  You can watch a recording of the SMC briefing here.

Watch the video: DOC’s poisonous 1080 solution a trade-off