SMC teams with Canon Media Awards

The Science Media Centre has agreed a three-year deal with the Canon Media Awards to sponsor three new science and technology journalism categories in the print and online media industry’s premiere awards showcase.

The new categories, which replace previous science and environment awards, will kick off in 2015 and recognise the best science and technology journalism across newspaper reporting, newspaper features and magazine features.

The refocus of the awards to include technology will for the first time in years allow writers who are covering the impact of technology on society to gain recognition for their work in the country’s national journalism awards.

Environment stories that are science-related will still be prime candidates for these awards categories, says SMC Manager Peter Griffin.

“We’ve seen a healthy number of strong science and technology stories run this year so the awards judges will have a great selection to choose from.”

“As a former technology reporter I’m particularly happy to be able to support journalists who are making sense of the challenges and opportunities new technologies pose.”

The Newspaper Publishers’ Association will open applications for the Canon Media Awards 2015 in the new year.  A total of 1687 entries were received for the 2014 Canon Media Awards, a record number that grew 21 per cent on 2013.