Mobile phone safety report finds no adverse effects

The UK’s largest programme of research into possible health risks from mobile phone technology has this week published its final report, and finds no evidence of biological or adverse health effects.

The report, produced by the Mobile Telecommunications & Health Research Programme was the product of 11 years of detailed research.

You can read the full report here.

The research programme found no evidence that exposure to base station emissions during pregnancy affects the risk of developing cancer in early childhood, and no evidence that use of mobile phones leads to an increased risk of leukaemia.

However, Professor David Coggon, Chairman of MTHR, acknowledged ongoing research was necessary, stating, “To be sure that there are no delayed adverse effects, which only become apparent after many years, the programme provided funding to set up an epidemiological investigation (the COSMOS study) which will follow-up a large population of mobile phone users long-term. ”

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