$59 million Marsden Fund round revealed

The country’s largest independent research fund has awarded $59 million to a total of 109 research projects that will run over the next three years and span subjects as varied as semiconductors and bioluminescence.

The full list of funded projects is available here. They were selected from 1157 representing a 9.4 per cent application success rate. The Marsden Fund is administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Announcing the funding results today, Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce said:

“The larger amount available this year to fund these proposals is due to the Government’s regular increases to the fund since it came into office five years ago. In Budget 2013, a further $20 million was allocated over four years to the Fund, and that has made a real difference. The Marsden Fund is now 37 per cent larger than it was in 2008/09.”

The five largest funding allocations included:

Source: Royal Society of New Zealand
Source: Royal Society of New Zealand