TIN100 maps changes in the high-tech sector

The annual TIN100 report released this week shows New Zealand’s top 100 high-tech companies generated revenue of $7.26 billion last year, an increase of 3.7 per cent, while ICT revenues jumped 16.5 per cent.

The ICT segment of the TIN100 and TIN100+ report is the fastest growing of the high-tech segments, with software development, general Software, healthcare, financial services technology and digital media all growing in excess of 20 per cent.

TIN100 export revenues increased by 3.0 per cent to NZ$5.3B . The next 100 companies (TIN100+) ranked by revenue grew by 9 per cent to $640m.

The New Zealand Herald today features profiles on some of the TIN100 companies.

Spending on research and development by TIN100 companies increased 10 per cent last year.

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