NZ Researcher wins L’Oréal Women in Science Fellowship

Dr Suetonia Palmer, a senior lecturer at  University of Otago, Christchurch, has  been recognised with a A$25,000 (NZ$32,480) Fellowship award for her dedication to improving the treatment of people with chronic kidney disease.

Suetonia is one of three Australasian women who have each gained a For Women in Science 2012 Fellowship awarded by L’Oréal Australia and New Zealand.

It is the sixth year of the fellowships and the first year they have been open to New Zealand scientists. There were more than 200 nominations for the award

Dr Palmer will use the Fellowship to look at the best options for dialysis. “My wish is that over the next decade we can give back control of their lives to dialysis patients – so they can be in charge of their own treatment, get back to work and make them feel better.”

You can read more about Suetonia’s work on the Science in Public site. Her success has been covered on MSN New Zealand and in the New Zealand Herald.