Podcast: Digital dysphorias – amused to death online

A recording of a presentation at the Media140 conference in Brisbane yesterday looking at the role of social media in facilitating discussion on science-related topics.

The closing keynote for the conference by Australian futurist Kristin Alford, looked at research into how immersion in social media networks is affecting people’s lives – not always for the better…

Kristin Alford established Bridge8 Pty Ltd in 2004 following careers in engineering, human resources and product development across sectors such as mining, R&D, aviation, agriculture and nanotechnology.

Combining postgraduate degrees in engineering and strategic foresight has seen Kristin initiate a suite of projects including building scientific literacy through the development of nanotechnology resources for schools, and underpinning innovation in developing industries such as cleantech and advanced manufacturing. In addition she has facilitated projects on envisaging the future and understanding the ideas economy including collaboration and engagement through social media.

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