3 News: NZ glaciers predicted to shrink by 75 percent

Annabelle Jackman reports for 3 News on a recent paper, written by University of British Columbia scientists, which predicts that New Zealand will have lost most (75% or more) of its glaciers by 2100.

The regions and countries likely to be most affected are Europe and New Zealand, with Greenland experiencing some of the least glacial loss.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“It’s of no surprise to us we’ve been thinking about this issue for many years now and we’ve also come up with independent estimates of future glacial response that a large retreat will occur,” says geomorphologist Andrew Mackintosh.

“Mr Mackintosh says the reason New Zealand could possibly expect such a substantial decline is due to rising air temperatures above the glaciers.

“”There are other influences on glacier; the amount of sunlight coming through, the amount of cloud cover, the precipitation, sometimes those can have a small effect but the dominant effect we see here is rising temperature,” says Mr Mackintosh.”