Media Coverage: The Canterbury Earthquake

Since the magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit the Canterbury region a little before 5am on Saturday, 4 September, the media has been covering events closely.

The earthquake, felt strongly in Wellington and even further north, badly damaged large parts of Christchurch; luckily, no one was killed.


Source: Frequency
Source: Frequency

Media coverage (oldest first*)

Radio NZ: Quake felt throughout the country

The Gisborne Herald: Christchurch hit by 7.1 quake

The Press: Earthquake key facts

NZ Herald: Canterbury quake may have been on ‘new’ fault line

NZ Herald: Christchurch earthquake: Tale of a damaged city

TVNZ/One News: Two large aftershocks hit Canterbury

Star Canterbury: Praise for dairy owner after earthquake

ODT: Christchurch quake ‘inevitable’: scientist

Stuff: Bigger earthquake predicted to come

The Press: Psychological trauma new fear from earthquake

TVNZ/One News: Quake day three: Live updates

TVNZ/One News: State of emergency extended in Canterbury

Stuff National: Quake: Rolling report

Waikato Times: 7.1 Canterbury earthquake: State of emergency extended

NZ Herald: Latest updates: Christchurch earthquake

The Press/SMH: Scientists suspect there were three shocks in five seconds

3 News/NZPA: Quake’s emotional toll could take weeks to surface

Stuff: Earthquake series warning

NZ Herald: When solid ground is shaken to mush

3 News/NZPA: Chch fault had not ruptured for 16,000 years

Stuff/The Press: Shake the strongest recorded in NZ

NZ Herald: Auckland at risk from unseen threat

The Press: Rattled nerves likely to cause stress ailments

NZPA/One News: 270 aftershocks and counting…

NZ Herald: Haiti’s earthquake similar but deadlier than Christchurch’s

NZ Herald:  What lies beneath the Canterbury Plains? A fault revealed

* Please note: due to the large amounts of coverage, this is not a comprehensive list.