NZ Herald: ‘Magic’ process turns kiwifruit into gold

Michael Dickison writes in the New Zealand Herald about work by NZ scientists which has allowed kiwifruit to be turned into plastic, and sewage into electricity.

The work, carried out by CRI Scion, has meant the development of a chemical process which makes kiwifruit melt like plastic in normal factory equipment.  Another process allows the heat and gases released by the processing of sewage to be used to generate electricity.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Small batches of prototypes have been made, mixing different amounts of kiwifruit, corn and other secret, but organic, additives.

“The project is now picking the best mixture – with the right strength and flexibility – and ramping up production to a commercial scale. One piece of fruit, about 90g, can make more than 100 of the utensils.

“The utensils will be included in kiwifruit packages sold overseas by Zespri.

“Dr Markotsis said other fruit could be put through the same process to make all sorts of plastics.”