The Press: The nanotech revolution in NZ

Glenda Lewis of The Press writes about an upcoming talk by visiting scientist and nanotech pioneer Dr Don Eigler, who will be giving a talk on the subject, including a possible demonstration of his powers with atoms, and what he sees coming in the future.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The most exciting thing Eigler has seen so far is the research being done by Dr Samuel Stupp at Northwestern University, in Illinois. He is constructing “nano- fibrils” out of proteins and hydrocarbon molecules that can help the body repair damaged nerves. He has been able to reverse paralysis in mice.

“The environment, too, is desperately seeking some technological saviours right now. Eigler cites a new water purification and desalination system being worked on at IBM, based on a nanotechnology invention, that could be placed between dairy farm run-off and stream, he imagines.

“Locally, a powerful clean air protector has been designed by the MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year, Dr John Watt. He builds star-like clusters of palladium atoms which neutralise toxic car emissions before they become emissions.”