NZ Herald: Sam Fisher – How will court decide whether weather warming?

Sam Fisher, in an opinion piece in the NZ Herald, looks at the legal action being threatened against NIWA by the CSC, making the case that courts aren’t the proper place to test science.

He also writes that denying anthropogenic climate change is a fool’s bet.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Courts aren’t the best place to test science – for a start, there are no Bunsen burners.

“On one side: excited militant men with weird haircuts, perhaps like Peter Dunne’s bizarre coiffure or like a monk’s tonsure. On the other, concerned liberals with furrowed brows in sensible clothes using long words.

“The poor judge will try to confine the evidence to process and won’t have Denny Crane or Alan Shaw to make the lawyers’ summations interesting.”