Stuff/Manawatu Standard: Kiwi device to make broadband 50 per cent faster

Laura Jackson writes in the Manawatu Standard about a device, developed in Palmerston North, which is apparently able to speed up broadband without the need to install fibre-optic cables.

In addition, the device is able to act as a backup electricity system for houses which do have fibre-optic cabling.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The system looks like a modem, and connects with homes’ existing wiring to boost broadband speeds without having to pay the $800-plus fee for re-wiring a home with modern cables to get such fast internet.

“The wiring in most New Zealand homes is too old to cope with fast internet.

“For homes that do have fibre-optic cabling, it will act as a backup electricity system.

“The device will sense when the power has cut and will keep the landline phone running for up to four hours.

“”This is essential in emergencies,” Mr Jacks said. “It’s about smart technology.”

“The firm’s aim is to get the device into every home in New Zealand, he said.

“A small-business version of the model will also be available that will keep eftpos machines running, security cameras operating and alarms running.”