Dr Michael Edmonds: Dealing with wingnuts – which way to turn

Richard Dawkins refers to some opponents as “wingnuts”, and often applies significant pressure to them. But are there other ways to deal with wingnuts? Could softer approaches be used to loosen their thinking?

From NZSkeptics: Michael Edmonds has spent the last decade as a chemistry lecturer, researcher, and more recently as manager of programmes at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT). With a background in medicinal chemistry, Michael has a particular dislike for homeopathy and AIDS denialism. He has written several opinion pieces for the Christchurch Press and occasionally crosses swords with “wingnuts” via letters to the editor and in the blogosphere.

Click below to listen to the recording of Dr Edmond’s presentation at the 2010 New Zealand Skeptics Society conference, August 13 – 15, Auckland, New Zealand.