Wairarapa News: Farmer creates own smartphone application

Piers Fuller writes in the Wairarapa News about a farmer who has developed a smartphone application – IFarmer – designed to make keeping track of inventory on farms easier and faster.

The software also allows farmers and agents to see their financial position in real time, and additional features such as RFID ear tag and barcode reading are being added.  The application will be available for smartphones on all operating systems (Android, Apple, etc).

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“One of the most important features of the programme is its ability to reconcile stock information instantaneously.

“This is a huge advantage because the traditional method of reconciling back to accounting software has meant that an accurate stock assessment takes two months.”

“IFarmer is essentially an inventory-based software for stock management that is supported by “back-up restore” and is fully mapped with GPS and own-input maps.

“Additional features such as RFID ear tag and barcode reading, Note alarms and voice recording notes are being incorporated into the software, being available as free updates.”